heal a broken heart with obsidian

How to heal a broken heart with obsidian?

A broken heart is one achy experience that unfortunately, everyone goes through. Many have strived to find various ways to be able to deal with the heartache. However, how one deal with it is dependent on their character, belief, interactions and so much more. Not everyone deals with a broken heart in the same manner […]

6 benefits of natural stone jewellery!

Usually arranged in the room in their raw form, natural stones can also be worn on oneself as jewellery (pendant, necklace, bracelet, etc.). As trendy as other jewellery categories, gemstone jewellery emits energies that are beneficial to the body and mind, regardless of their shape (raw, polished or cut). You can visit minerals-kingdom.com and learn […]

Lithotherapy: Which stones can be associated with

Incompatibilities can be found in the plant, animal, bacterial world… so why not in the mineral world? In Lithotherapy, not all stones vibrate in the same way; their energies can be completely opposite. Visit https://www.minerals-kingdom.com/ for more about lithotherapy in more detail! Some stones “emit”, while others “aspire”, others will stimulate or even soothe… Some […]

Healing with stones: what are the virtues of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a discipline that improves the health of its owner. To acquire health stones, jewellery and natural stone objects and raw minerals are available. You can visit https://www.minerals-kingdom.com and learn more about natural stones. The specialized shops have in their catalogue semi-precious stones selected for their lithotherapeutic properties and virtues. The advantage of these […]

What is lithotherapy or stone healing?

Stone healing is called lithotherapy, this holistic approach to healing is based on the subtle influence that minerals can bring, and millions of people help each other with stones, as many people with as many successes. To understand how lithotherapy works, we must first recognize the existence of invisible energies that compose us and that […]

Precious stones that predict the future

Precious stones fascinate by their colour, shape and brilliance. What could be more logical, then, to use them for divinatory, therapeutic and talismanic purposes? How to predict the future with the Oracle of precious stones? How does the gemstone oracle work? The Oracle of Precious Stones consists of 32 cards – representing as many magic […]

Purification and refilling of natural stones

The stones in lithotherapy interact with their environment, especially with their carrier; they are emptied and then have to be recharged. It is frequent that a stone has given you everything it could; in this case it has emptied itself of its energy. It will therefore be necessary to restore the energy of the stone […]

Incredible healing stones and their virtues

Precious stones are beautiful, they can come in different forms – geodes, clusters, pearls, donuts, washers, druses, polished stones, and rough stones. Regardless of their size, shape, and structure, natural stones all radiate powerful healing properties. It is an ideal gift because when you offer a stone, you also offer its virtues. Visit minerals-kingdom.com and […]

Liposuction or abdominoplasty: which surgical procedure to choose?

Plastic surgery operations such as liposuction or abdominoplasty aim to harmonize the body parts, especially the abdominal part, when a person has accumulated too much fat. Liposuction and abdominoplasty are separate procedures, the first to remove fat mass, the second to aspirate it. Recovering a pleasant figure with cosmetic surgery Liposuction, as its name suggests, […]

How does breast augmentation work?

Every year, cosmetic surgery attracts many women who are uncomfortable with their bodies to undergo breast augmentation, breast implant surgery, liposuction… The quest for a perfect body is often at the root of this desire to have cosmetic surgery. To which women is breast augmentation adapted? Many women find that their breasts are too small, […]