Find an invisible orthodontic practice in Paris

Using an orthodontist in Paris for the installation of an invisible braces: is it possible to find a competent orthodontist online? Poorly stored and dirty teeth are an inconvenience for many people. Those who are unlucky enough to have such teeth choose to have their teeth fitted, but here again the metal rings become a source of complexity.  However, you should not despair because there are many solutions that allow you to have white teeth well aligned without going through the usual braces. An orthodontist in Paris offers his patients invisible orthodontics, a new treatment that allows a person to wear discreet or invisible braces. This innovative treatment is accessible to everyone and at any age.

Invisalign treatment in Paris

Invisible orthodontics is also called Invisalign. This is a treatment that aims to align the teeth by means of transparent trays. The orthodontist in Paris will therefore ask his patient to place the gutters for a specific period according to the strategy implemented by the specialist. It should also be noted that the person must remove the aligners at each meal. For conventional treatment, the patient wears the three to four pairs of gutters that are given to him for 300 hours before returning to his orthodontist to obtain new ones. However, there are also currently aligners that are worn for a period of one week. To find out more, it is better to ask your orthodontist in Paris for advice. The latter is the only one who can decide how the processing should be carried out.

Other types of invisible devices

In addition to the use of aligners, the orthodontist can also use two other techniques: lingual orthodontics and orthodontics with transparent attachments. Lingual orthodontics is the installation of the orthodontic appliance (lingual orthodontic attachments) on the inner surface of the teeth. In this way, the device remains invisible since it is hidden behind the teeth on the tongue side. This solution therefore solves the aesthetic problem encountered with conventional braces. To enjoy it, children and adults alike can approach an orthodontist. Then, as far as orthodontics with transparent attachments are concerned, it works like conventional braces. But unlike the latter, the fasteners are transparent and therefore more discreet. Sometimes even orthodontists associate white wires with the attachments.

Which orthodontist for invisible orthodontics in Paris?

Most of the firms specializing in invisible orthodontics in Paris are accessible online via their websites. Thus, for the installation of an invisible dental appliance (Invisalign, lingual orthodontics or orthodontics with transparent attachments) in the French capital, it is advisable to obtain information online on the orthodontist's website. A simple search on a search engine can be enough to find your specialist. Once on the platform, you can access various information about invisible braces and the progress of a treatment. And well-known orthodontists even offer the possibility of making an appointment online on their website. Otherwise, the contacts: telephone, e-mail address and postal address of the firm; are generally presented on the site. And finally, it is also important not to forget to see the opening hours of the practice for consultations. Most of the time, orthodontists receive from Monday to Saturday, but this varies from one specialist to another.

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