Healing with stones: what are the virtues of lithotherapy?

Lithotherapy is a discipline that improves the health of its owner. To acquire health stones, jewellery and natural stone objects and raw minerals are available. You can visit https://www.minerals-kingdom.com and learn more about natural stones. The specialized shops have in their catalogue semi-precious stones selected for their lithotherapeutic properties and virtues. The advantage of these exceptional natural stones is that, in addition to their various varieties, they provide many properties that are advantageous to the wearer. Amethyst, for example, improves sleep quality, reduces headaches, pink quartz soothes and fights stress. As for agate, it cures various pains, including joint problems.

Healing with lithotherapy

The followers of lithotherapy consider that the fine stone or semi-precious stone is more than just a decorative design object. Used to make rings or necklaces, these minerals provide positive energies to their wearer. Black tourmaline, for example, is considered to be the best protection stone. This black mineral frees its owners from the grip of evil. Black tourmaline acts on both the emotional and the spiritual. This beautiful anchor stone helps the patient reduce mental vagrancy and helps keep their feet on the ground. Its purpose is to act as a backup stone. The mineral acts in such a way as to rebalance the mind, following intense spiritual work. Used by mediums, semi-precious stone cuts the link with the spirit world so that it is no longer disturbed during consultations. This object also absorbs the bad energies of places and people. Stones in contact with a high flow of bad waves can crack or explode into pieces. To be more effective, it is recommended to purify them regularly. People who own emerald jewellery benefit from the virtues of stone, easily recognizable by its brighter, darker or lighter green. It should be noted that the mineral is also available in bluish or yellow shades. Stone stimulates physical and intellectual development, bringing inner peace and serenity at the physical, emotional and mental levels.

The virtues of some stones

Semi-precious stones are minerals that allow you to have self-confidence, to open up to others, to help your wearer sleep better... Some virtues of stones can help to overcome certain blockages. For example, pink quartz represents the stone of unconditional love and gentleness. It cleanses the vision of emotional relationships. Considered as a cocooning mineral, it allows finding love again after a disappointment or a shock. Need an object that guarantees anti-stress properties? Purchase a blue calcite. This stone of verbal communication also affects sleep. It allows its owner to express himself more easily in public. In addition to helping to concretize its projects and develop its creativity, red garnet is a natural stone capable of activating vital energy while regulating sexuality. Natural citrine regulates the balance of power and ego. This stone of personal radiance allows the wearer to increase his energy. The cornelian is a crystal representing the woman's stone. It helps its owner to reconcile with its share of femininity. In particular, it develops sensuality and sensitivity. In addition, it welcomes positive energy, improves intuition and self-confidence. Concerning the amethyst, the object pacifies the relationship to the authority. Whatever the type of situation, this rock crystal has soothing properties. Considered a sacred stone in ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli makes it possible to see more clearly by being more objective. The mineral connects its carrier to the energy of the cosmos. Quartz, a health stone, highlights the polluting elements. It cleanses and clarifies negative thoughts and doubts. Labradorite is a stone known to lighten the head, reducing ruminations while attenuating the energy of the mind. Amazonite is considered as an opening stone of the body. She favours sharing and exchange following emotional injuries. This natural stone helps to overcome suffering, apprehension and mistrust.

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