How to choose an intimate lingerie for a sexy effect?

We cannot ignore the importance of lingerie daily and for a special evening. To attract the attention of your partner, you must take care of your external appearance as much as your lingerie. Under no circumstances should we believe that getting a set for a party is a waste of money. On the contrary, it can be worn in everyday life. Just because you have already been able to conquer your companion's heart doesn't mean you won't please him every day. Surprising him with sexy underwear when he gets home from work can only satisfy him. All that remains is to make the right choice.

What men prefer

When it comes to sexy lingerie, many men prefer to see their partners in a sexy outfit. However, there is often a tendency to focus on classics that do not differ too much from everyday ensembles. To awaken desire in your man, it is best to favour a more erotic, naughtier ensemble. For example, we have the sets formed by basque suspenders and suspender belts. You can also buy sets with laces or with frills. The idea is to leave aside the classic lace sets. In addition to the form, one must also think about the material. If you want to emphasize comfort, then cotton is to be chosen. However, it is not the preferred subject for men. They like materials that are both suggestive and silky, such as satin or silk. Finally, we do not forget the last parameter which is the colour. Red and black still work. But you can also try other colours that enhance your body and accentuate the sexy effect.

Colours that enhance the body

Knowing what men like, we move on to the next step. In other words, find the most suitable lingerie for women that fits her tastes and body. While materials and shapes can be suitable for all women, this is not always the case with colours. It all depends on the colour of the skin, hair and eyes. Regarding skin colour, women with black skin are free to choose what they want. Everything looks great on them. When you have white skin, you prefer colours that will help to illuminate the body. For women with matt skin, they should not choose colours that are too pastel. Then we refer to the colour of the eyes and hair. For example, if you have blue eyes, all shades can be suitable. But when you have brown and dark eyes, it is advisable to adopt dark sets. As for hair, brunettes are free to choose any colour. While pastel colours are recommended for women with light hair. Anyway, you shouldn't hide your hair.

Choose your sexy lingerie according to your situation

We don't always have enough time to prepare and spend a nice evening with our man. We are therefore obliged to find a compromise between comfort and seduction. Although we have fewer choices, we should not despair. There are still some possibilities. For example, if you wear tight pants during the day, you can opt for a nice tanga or a thong. We also have the shorty, provided we play well with the accessories and the material. We do not hesitate to add strings and ribbons. It gives an erotic side to what you wear.  If you wear a skirt, you can wear a garter belt and a Basque set.

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