How to heal a broken heart with obsidian?

heal a broken heart with obsidian

A broken heart is one achy experience that unfortunately, everyone goes through. Many have strived to find various ways to be able to deal with the heartache. However, how one deal with it is dependent on their character, belief, interactions and so much more. Not everyone deals with a broken heart in the same manner as another person. Some individuals might believe that showing emotions is a sign of weakness which is quite the contrary. Showing and experiencing your pain is the strongest thing that one can do. The heartbreak might be a result of the death of a loved one, losing a career, failing to get employment after an interview, or breaking up with a lover. The good news is that an individual can use precious gems in jewellery form to heal their broken heart. These precious gems can be acquired from easily.

On the other hand, individuals at times end up using toxic means when they are trying to heal. Some of these ways include blaming, insulting, inflicting harm, and destroying the property of people they blame for their heartbreak. These ways rarely solve anything but introduce more pain, problems, and negative energies. To avoid all this, one can seek a mature and beneficial way of healing such as meditating using a lithotherapy mineral or using distractions such as exercising, spending time with friends, learning new recipes, etc. However, distractions will only take away the pain and hurt but not deal with some negative energies and feelings like hate, blame, and unforgiveness.

Lithotherapy and physical properties of Obsidian gems

This mineral is known for being used to protect the vulnerable in society. The stone normally absorbs the negative energy surrounding a vulnerable person and creates a protective shield around them. It makes one calm and provides them with a clear mind by decreasing confusion which enables the individual to critically think about a situation causing them pain without overthinking it. A person wearing the crystals in jewellery form will have an open third eye or intellect.

These crystals can have the following colors:

  • Rainbow appearance- This shows that the magma forming the stone cooled down at different intervals hence the several layers of different colors.
  • Black
  • Grey and
  • Mahogany brown.


To heal and fully move on from a heartbreak an individual has to accept their pain first and see everything for what it is. An individual also has to see the role they played in their heartbreak instead of blaming everything on the other party. It is only after this that one can begin the healing and forgiving process. All this can be done through meditation.

As stated above the minerals are used during meditation to absorb the negative energy surrounding one to heal them. If using a rainbow stone, you should know that like the layered stone you will transform as you continue to heal. There are different ways that one can go about meditating.

Method One: Using a rainbow stone and flowers

The stone heals you by first taking up all your negative energy. After that one connects with the stone which will enhance their ability to see the lessons lying in their experience, actions of both parties that lead to the heartbreak, and the compassion to forgive and let the pain go away. The following are the steps one takes to meditate for 21 minutes for 11 consecutive days:

  • Select your meditation area and cleanse it using sage smoke. Make sure to waft the smoke all over the room and leave and no place uncleansed.
  • Deterge the rainbow stone by covering it with sage smoke and requesting the sage spirit to cleanse the stone.
  • After that, you can go ahead and program your rainbow stone by stating your purpose aloud. You will place the stone on your hands and state your intent of healing from heartbreak and asking for the spirit of forgiveness, love, happiness, discernment in place of pain, regret, judgement, revenge, hate, etc.
  • Next, you will light a candle to show your meditation space is a sacred area.
  • You will then set a 21-minute timer.
  • Take a diary/ journal and write down everything you are feeling. Capture everything whether pretty or ugly, good or bad, happy or sad. Don’t leave out anything simply because you are ashamed to admit it. Let it all out.
  • When you are done, close the diary and pick your rainbow stone and flower petals.
  • Lie on your back flat on a surface. If your heartbreak is due to a broken relationship, do not use your bed as a surface. The bed carries memories and negative energy from your now ended relationship. Spread the flower petals over your chest since flowers heal one’s spirit with beautiful floral essence. You can then place the rainbow stone on your heart chakra with the rainbow facing downwards.
  • Visualize taking in the healing properties of the flower petals and the stone while they take bad energy away for 21 minutes. Ensure that you are taking deep breaths. Now see the person or situation causing you the pain. Tell them everything you wish to communicate. It is okay to cry and scream during this process.
  • When you are done see your hand as a knife and cut away all the negative things.
  • Place your hands on your chest covering the rainbow stone and visualize absorbing the good, vibrant, and healing energy the stone has. Forgive yourself, go through your lessons, try and understand your pain.
  • After you are done, thank your stone then cleanse your stone and meditation area using sage smoke.
  • Dispose of the flower petals back to the earth. Repeat the process for 11 days.

Method Two: Using a black stone only

  • Select a quiet and peaceful environment away from all worldly distractions.
  • Take deep breaths through your nose and out through the mouth 10 times.
  • Visualize yourself in another peaceful space like a beach, a monastery, an empty church, or a temple. In short, disassociate yourself spiritually and mentally thus creating a distance between you and the person or situation causing you pain and hurt.
  • Place the black stone on your heart chakra. Feel the weight and texture of your stone and how it feels against your skin.
  • Admire the stone’s lithotherapy abilities. Visualize it expanding and absorbing all the negative energy piled up in you. All the anger, hate, revenge intentions, devious plans. After the stone takes up everything, visualize it shrinking slowly till it disappears.
  • Repeat the process for several days.

Method Three: Using a rainbow heart-shaped stone only

  • Select a quiet room in your house and lie on the floor.
  • Place the rainbow heart-shaped stone on your heart chakra. (N/B The rainbow heart-shaped can be placed directly against the skin or on your clothes directly above the heart chakra. However, you prefer it.)
  • Self-reflect on your broken heart, consider all actions taken before your heartbreak, see all perspectives even the ones you would like to ignore.
  • Envision the lessons you can take from this experience. After all, every event and occurrence in our lives comes with a lesson.
  • Once you are done with self-reflection can utter some phrases of affirmation to boost up your spirit, hope, and confidence.
  • Repeat this process till you manage to heal fully and transform to a new leaf.


From the above information, we see that a broken heart can be caused by several things and can be healed using these crystals. The gemstone minerals can be worn in jewellery form to protect the wearer. To heal, an individual first has to accept their pain and willing to forgive and forget the pain. The person should consider all actions that lead to heartbreak and avoid the blame game. One has to see their input in all of that pain caused.

In conclusion, we see that, after acceptance individuals go ahead to use the gemstone during meditation to heal. During meditation one is required to select a quiet and peaceful meditation area which you will cleanse then begin to self-reflect. While self-reflecting, one asks themselves questions that probe deeper thinking and expresses everything they feel after which they let the bad energy go and accept the stone’s healing. This allows you to be more at peace and free your mind. One can do all this because the stone reduces their confusion, clears their mind, and absorbs the negative energy.

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