What is lithotherapy or stone healing?

Stone healing is called lithotherapy, this holistic approach to healing is based on the subtle influence that minerals can bring, and millions of people help each other with stones, as many people with as many successes. To understand how lithotherapy works, we must first recognize the existence of invisible energies that compose us and that compose everything that is manifested, an aura of energy that is as real as what your eyes allow you to see from the physical plane. These subtle energies that compose us are the manifestations of our state of being at the emotional, mental and spiritual level. If we change emotion we change the vibrational frequency of our emotional. Minerals have a strong energy with very marked characteristics according to their composition and crystallization, a subtle and stable energy that is used in lithotherapy to influence our subtle body and obtain improvements in our state of being. The scope of its improvements is to be taken as aids acting at different levels depending on the stone used. Check www.minerals-kingdom.com/ for more details about stone virtues. It is a holistic method of care because it has an interaction at all levels of being. The action will be done at home on our system of subtle energies and then by interaction will be transmitted to our other planes of manifestation that are related to the type of energy of the stone, at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Why we wear these stones?

We wear health stones that will be in relation to our need to restore harmony, to "cure" a problem, to help for example against digestive disorders, against stress, to promote healing, to reduce pain, to energize an organ, to regain sleep, to fight migraine, to allow us to spend a good night's rest,... The field of application has no limits. In terms of effectiveness it is very variable ballast and depends mainly on 2 points, the depth of the problem and the sensitivity of the person. Regardless of the person's belief, lithotherapy is not a placebo, whether or not one believes in the effects of the stones they will have an effect. On the other hand, a person who is naturally protective, who does not accept new ideas, who have difficulty questioning his beliefs, these people will have difficulty feeling the effects quickly. This state of mind created as an energy defence barrier that prevents being positively influenced by the beneficial energies of stones. After all, not all degrees of open-mindedness exist, so that a person will never be 100% closed or 100% open, our receptivity also varies greatly according to our state of being in the present moment. Healing stones are also used to improve abilities, for example to help meditation, to make them more enduring in physical effort, to increase a joy of life that is already well present, or to develop intuition.

How are natural stones prepared?

The stones used are generally semi-precious or precious minerals in the form of crystals, worked in polished stones, or left in the natural state of rough stone. Polished stones are preferred in lithotherapy for the practical side, in a pocket the polished state is pleasant and does not damage the clothes. Once a stone has transmitted its energy to you it will need to be purified and recharged after a while so that it can regain all its abilities. On this subject you can consult the articles on purification and recharging. Lithotherapy can have a strong influence on our state of being without however replacing a consultation with a doctor, it is an additional help that this alternative therapy provides. To find the meanings of each stone you will find a large list on the right of this page, also useful topics to use the stones in care, good reading! Lithotherapy has already brought a lot to a lot of people around the world, why not you?

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