Baptismal ceremony: what clothing should a baby girl wear?

How to dress a little girl for a baptism? This is a puzzle that many parents are still trying to solve a few weeks before the event. Because a ceremonial dress is not an everyday dress. It has a symbolic meaning, a very particular meaning. Admittedly, we can afford a touch of originality, but we must never lose sight of the purpose of the day: to celebrate your child's entry into the fold of the Church. So, there are codes to respect. Here are some tips so that you don't make any clothing mistakes in your choice of baby girl christening dress.

How to choose the best clothing for a baptism?

The baptismal garment must meet several requirements. Firstly, it must be clear and respect the traditional colour codes (blue for boys and pink for girls). But of course, the must is obviously the white which symbolizes the purity of the baptized child. Then, if you don't want your daughter to get sick, you'll have to find her something hot. Babies a few months old can be satisfied with a blanket, but older babies will be more comfortable with a large mesh over the baby's ceremonial dress. Indeed, churches are cold and oaths long, especially when you have just been sprayed with water. Finally, the child must feel comfortable in his or her clothing. The dress must therefore be the right size and in a soft material. In this way, the ceremony can take place in a good mood.

The classic of the classics: the christening dress

Most parents choose the classic christening dress. White, with embroidery, it is the best match if you want a traditional ceremony. You can settle for the simple suit, but it can also be interesting to enrich it with some accessories such as small ribbon shoes, a pretty headband. If she is old enough to understand, ask your daughter what she would like, it is her day after all.

A colourful dress for a little originality

For those who prefer more original outfits, a pretty dress is ideal. Light pink, pastel, candy... Anything is possible if it remains in light colours. And here again, you can enjoy the accessories. As you can see, despite the very solemn nature of the ceremony, it is still possible to find clothes that are out of the ordinary for your baby girl. The mores have changed, the codes have evolved and if white remains the main colour during a baptism, it is always pleasant to see a little colour being invited to the celebration. It is a time of sharing and happiness after all!

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