Find the cap that suits you

To find the best headgear for your head and face, you will have to consider several criteria! In addition, take the time to try out the different models that caught your eye! Between flat visor caps or the curved visor model, the choice can be difficult. Here are some tips!

Which cap for you?

The cap, a trendy headgear, offers a streetwear look, and not only. All the stylists show him a great inspiration, so everyone can select the cap that suits him best, according to his needs and his look. Discover models to enhance a sporty look, rapper, rock, urban chic, vintage, adventurer, romantic, and many more. This type of headgear has many cuts, colours and materials, and a wide variety of prints or patterns to suit all tastes. However, in general, two main types of caps should be highlighted, such as those with flat visors and those with curved visors. There is also the trucker cap model, also called trucker hat, with the characteristics of snapback. However, it is different, as the back of the cap includes a mesh to provide optimal ventilation. This mesh net gives the cap a much lighter side. The trucker cap is an essential accessory to complete a summer and light outfit. Of course, the trucker benefits from the same details as the others, such as printed visuals, exotic materials and large embroidered logos.

The flat visor model,

The flat visor cap is a model available in various models. This cap is enriched by a vast family, with models such as Snapback, Fitted, Strapback, 5 panel. Its characteristics are very often confused by the general public. In order to know which model suits you best, you can identify the models on the market. Also, you're wondering how to recognize the different types of caps with a flat visor? You will be able to recognize the fitted model, a cap that can be seen by its unique size. As it does not offer any adjustment system, it must be chosen to the right size. To take advantage of an adjustable model, you will move to the Snapback model. With its small plastic clip on the back, this cap is easily adjustable for the head size.

The curved visor cap for everyone

This model is very trendy. The curved visor cap reveals many models. So, enjoy a real fashionable headgear that adapts to various clothing styles. The shape of the visor of this cap is perfect for a more elongated facial effect and gives more character to a face.

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