Incredible healing stones and their virtues

Precious stones are beautiful, they can come in different forms - geodes, clusters, pearls, donuts, washers, druses, polished stones, and rough stones. Regardless of their size, shape, and structure, natural stones all radiate powerful healing properties. It is an ideal gift because when you offer a stone, you also offer its virtues. Visit and learn more about the virtues of natural stones.

How to find the right stone for you?

The right stone will come to you when you need help to decide. Precious stones choose you and not the other way around. In this article we will highlight some gemstones, each as beautiful as the next, which are known for their powerful healing effects. Keep them in your handbag like an amulet, wear them as jewellery, or keep them on your desk - it's up to you. All that matters is your intention. As time goes on, with patience, they will begin to reveal their healing powers to you. Here are 3 examples of healing stones that you should own.

Pink Quartz

It is the stone of unconditional love and forgiveness. Rose quartz is a powerful healer of emotional trauma and works wonders in the restoration of the Heart Chakra. It is also one of the most recommended jewels to teach the art of self-esteem. It is also an ideal stone to cleanse stress and feel serene from the inside. Physically, pink quartz is known to slow down aging and improve skin tone, and quartz massage rollers will be used to plump the skin on the neck and face.  Emotionally, it is a positive stone for romance, love, forgiveness and healing relationships. It increases female energies and may relieve anger, fear, phobias, tension, guilt, resentment and emotional wounds. It is also interesting for those who work on their inner child. Chakras: Heart


Natural fluorite stone is composed of a multitude of colours. It occurs both in the form of cubic and octahedral crystals and in the form of clusters. Fluorite can be many colors: purple, green, blue, yellow, brown, brown, pink, red, light, rainbow and black and will all have common properties. However, each of them has a different set of healing properties that are determined by the color of the crystal. All fluorites help to clear up chaos by instilling a sense of mental clarity. The presence of fluoride in these gemstones makes it a good choice to help blood circulation, spleen and bones. Crystals could also help relieve the fatigue felt when you spend many hours in front of a screen. Rainbow fluorite also helps in detoxification, while blue fluorite is good for communication. These crystals improve positivity, balance Yin-Yang energies and stimulate the alignment of mind and body. Chakras: Crown, third eye, solar plexus of the throat.

The Lapis Lazuli

Protect yourself and your family from all harmful energies with this powerful healing crystal in deep royal blue. It is a gemstone that offers mental endurance and vitality. It is also an excellent crystal for eliminating emotional blockages and confusion.   Regular wearing of Lapis Lazuli is known to stimulate and improve your psychic abilities, especially extra-sensory perceptions and clairvoyance. Physically, it strengthens immunity and is good for the throat, thymus, bone marrow and bones. It is often suggested as a powerful antidote against insomnia. Emotionally, it is beneficial to the balance of Yin-Yang and increases your level of physical activity. Chakra: Third Eye, Throat

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