How does breast augmentation work?

Every year, cosmetic surgery attracts many women who are uncomfortable with their bodies to undergo breast augmentation, breast implant surgery, liposuction... The quest for a perfect body is often at the root of this desire to have cosmetic surgery.

To which women is breast augmentation adapted?

Many women find that their breasts are too small, that their chest size does not match that of their hips, that their breasts have lost firmness with age or pregnancy... Breast augmentation is the cosmetic surgery that corrects these defects that can prevent a woman from feeling comfortable in her body. The placement of breast implants is one of the most common operations performed in the world of cosmetic surgery. It allows to offer a dream chest to all those who suffer daily from not having voluptuous breasts.

Surgery to remedy it

Today breast implant surgery, breast augmentation surgery is a simple way to have beautiful breasts. Indeed, plastic surgeons implant breast implants to improve the size and shape of the breasts and provide a perfect figure. A rather small woman cannot consider the same size of breast prosthesis as the one that is large. Women's wishes are therefore very variable, and it is up to the surgeon to advise the woman on the size of the breast prosthesis considering her morphology, size, body... In France, women are rather reasonable on this point and do not try to compete with the chest size of some American stars.

An operation under general anaesthesia

Plastic surgeons have several surgical techniques available to perform breast augmentation and all procedures are performed under general anaesthesia. The procedure consists of placing a prosthesis under the breast gland of each breast. The models are very different and depend on the shape and size of the new breast. The patient can go home just a few hours after the procedure. The quality of breast implants is different, and some surgeons work with silicone elastomers while others use cohesive silicone gel. Breast implants are guaranteed for ten years and their condition is regularly checked by ultrasound.

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