How to choose the right length of a necklace?

If you want to vary your look and stand out from the crowd on certain occasions, it's time to learn to choose the right lengths of jewellery according to the morphology and style you've chosen for the day or evening.

Measure your neck size correctly

Before choosing a necklace for women, it is important to measure your neck size to define your morphology and to avoid that some jewellery is too tight once worn. Ideally, use a tape measure to get the most accurate measurement possible. All you must do is wrap your neck with the tape measure in two different places: in the middle of your neck, where a man would find the Adam's apple, and at the base, where the hollow between the two clavicles is. Do not overtighten the tape. In general, these two areas are no more than 30 to 35 centimetres in length. If you do not have a meter, there is a slightly longer but just as effective technique. All you must do is take a piece of string and place it around your neck, without overtightening. All you must do is transfer the piece to a ruler to measure the width of your neck. You can find the parts you are looking for according to your morphology and cheap necklaces on the specialized websites.

The different sizes available

Among women's jewellery, pendants are not the only possibilities to wear around the neck. There are many shapes and sizes, and not all of them can be worn on the same occasions or fit all outfits. The necklace is the shortest piece of jewellery, from 30 to 35 centimetres. It is particularly suitable for angular faces and thin, slender necks. It is advisable to add a small pendant to keep a discreet side. The choker is a little closer to the choker necklace, but slightly larger, 35 to 40 centimetres. It generally falls on the base of the neck at the level of the clavicles and can adapt to many morphologies. The princess is the most privileged jewel for pendants or pearl necklaces with one or more rows, and measures about 45 centimetres. Thanks to its relative discretion, it can be adapted to almost any style and morphology. The necklace, also known as the morning necklace, measures 50 to 55 centimetres, and stops at the birth of the breast. It is perfect for those with more voluptuous shapes. The opera can measure 70 to 90 centimetres and stops a little before the navel, depending on your morphology. It bears its name very well because it is the ideal jewel for certain evening dresses. The rope measures 90 centimetres and more and often stops at the navel.

Which jewel with which outfit?

Not all jewellery can be worn with all outfits. For example, it is not advisable to wear a choker necklace or a choker necklace with a turtleneck sweater, to avoid losing the benefit of the jewel. The choker and choker are perfect for some evening wear, especially for dresses with bare shoulders, which you can also choose in a daytime version. The Princess or “sautoir” necklaces, on the other hand, can be adapted to almost any outfit, even if the necklace is particularly suitable for a turtleneck sweater, unlike a Princess pendant. The opera is particularly aimed at those who love vertiginous dresses with plunging necklines; it perfectly highlights them.

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