Lithotherapy: Which stones can be associated with

Incompatibilities can be found in the plant, animal, bacterial world... so why not in the mineral world? In Lithotherapy, not all stones vibrate in the same way; their energies can be completely opposite. Visit for more about lithotherapy in more detail! Some stones "emit", while others "aspire", others will stimulate or even soothe... Some are more powerful than others and stop or diminish the effect or virtues of the surrounding stones. It is therefore necessary to understand how they work if you intend to mix several stones in order to avoid any incompatibility.

Wear stones that have the same energies!

The mineral kingdom is not very different from the human kingdom. We do not mix stones with different energies, as with us human beings. Some people are incompatible with each other, so are stones. We therefore recommend that you wear together stones that have the same energies, taking into account their respective colours and chakras that we will see below. Examples of stones with common energies:
  • Protective stones (Tiger eye, Obsidian, Pyrite...)
  • Energizing stones (Garnet, Red Jasper, Carnelian, Amber...)
  • Spiritual stones (Amethyst, Labradorite, Moonstone, Clear Quartz...)

Wear stones that have similar colours!

The colour of a stone is the most important criterion for determining its vibratory frequency. Stones that have the same colours will therefore have similar properties and common energies. We therefore recommend that you combine stones of similar and harmonious colours. Examples of stone associations: - All blue stones are stones that promote calm and communication. Wearing a bracelet with a mixture of amazonite and lapis lazuli, for example, will not be a problem. - Wear one or more bracelets in amethyst and kunzite (purple/pink stones with soothing properties, promoting intellect, love and developing creativity) - Mix larvikite and labradorite together (2 very protective grey stones) - Stones with warm colours such as cornelian, amber and red jasper go very well together because they are very energizing stones, but we advise you not to mix them with those with light colours such as aquamarine, amazonite, moonstone, which are rather soft and soothing stones...

Wear stones that match the same chakra!

Whether precious or semi-precious in nature, stones have an undeniable effect on our chakras. (Read blog article on chakras) Each chakra is typically associated with one or more stones. Each stone aims to magnify or balance the energy centre on which we are working. Thus, a heart chakra stone will be used to work on the fourth chakra. Wearing stones that correspond to the same chakra is therefore essential, it will allow your stones to associate with each other and multiply tenfold the effect of the latter. Caution: Some stones can be used on several chakras such as the tiger's eye which can be associated with the sacred chakra and solar plexus.

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