Precious stones that predict the future

Precious stones fascinate by their colour, shape and brilliance. What could be more logical, then, to use them for divinatory, therapeutic and talismanic purposes? How to predict the future with the Oracle of precious stones?

How does the gemstone oracle work?

The Oracle of Precious Stones consists of 32 cards - representing as many magic stones. Through the meaning of each of them, possible spiritual, sentimental and practical situations are presented in order to encourage the relationship with one's own interiority, in parallel with daily life.

Lithotherapy or how to revitalize yourself with stones?

Let us not speak here of medicine but rather of energy: a crystal, a precious stone would emit a benevolent energy whatever its form (raw, polished, and cut). Visit for more about lithotherapy. The gemstone can be carried on you for personal use or placed in the room in its raw form or as a decorative object (animals, tree, fountain, etc... as we very often see in Japan or China). A rock crystal would thus absorb the negative waves (discomfort, suffering, pain, etc.) of the person who uses it consciously or unconsciously and should therefore be purified before being used by another person. This distant practice of our ancestors is now being transformed into a magical oracle.

The oracle of precious stones and its meaning

Each stone therefore gives you a new energy, it helps you to restore harmony in your whole being, it gives you a particular vibration. Thus, the ruby with its red and dark heart speaks to you about love passion, deep and lasting affection, an encounter that is built over time despite the immediacy of sensations, while the blue and serene sapphire in its case of light, speaks to you about serenity, calm and quiet places, happiness in the countryside and childish joys, marriage, or marriage proposal. Diamond, by its purity and raw clarity, gives you energy, confidence, it allows the affirmation of personality, it gives security and accuracy, it also gives the courage to declare oneself for a man and the courage to say one's love for a woman. This oracle also includes mysterious stones such as Agatha, amethyst, topaz, tourmaline, turquoise, quartz or jade, (such as the small Buddha statues to which Asians attribute the virtues of luck and happiness!) With each stone, there is a new energy and a new state of mind. The oracle of precious stones can also give good indications about love and the encounter to come, the way you will live it, or the current state of your relationship.

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