Rhinoplasty: principle, techniques and price of the intervention

In recent years, the progress of cosmetic surgery has been rapid and there is no need to feel bad about yourself because you suffer from certain imperfections, facial or body defects. Rhinoplasty helps to improve the shape of her nose to be more beautiful and attractive.

Feeling comfortable in your body

The image we have of ourselves and that we give to others plays a crucial role in our well-being. Plastic surgery is there to give us what nature has deprived us of. Indeed, the surgical techniques of cosmetic surgery make it possible to restore the body, the face, erase the marks of time or remedy one or more imperfections. If you have difficulty with the shape of your nose, you can use nose surgery to correct these defects. In some patients, rhinoplasty can also be used to solve functional problems related to the configuration of the nasal passages.

Use rhinoplasty

The nose has a strong influence on the beauty of the face and its shape varies greatly from one individual to another: small, large, snubbed, straight, flattened, large, prominent... Many individuals use rhinoplasty to enjoy a more beautiful nose that blends in better with the rest of the face. Nose surgery also makes it possible to rejuvenate a person's face, to soften their gaze... Some people are complexed by the unsightly bump of their nose, its width, its size and consult a plastic surgeon to remedy a nose imperfection that is often impossible to hide from others. This begins with a complete analysis of the nose to be operated on, considering the characteristics of the patient's skin, cartilage, respiratory capacities, etc.

Procedure and prices for rhinoplasty

Nose surgery is a procedure commonly performed in cosmetic clinics. It is shorter, generally between 1 and 2 hours of surgery because each patient's case is different. Some procedures are more complex than others because the new nasal structure must allow the patient to breathe comfortably. A rhinoplasty requires 24 hours of hospitalization, including post-operative night monitoring. Before returning home, the surgeon removes the strands he has placed in his nostrils after the operation. The result is visible after about fifteen days.

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