The advantages of pulsed light devices

Permanent hair removal at home is possible through technological progress. Pulsed light hair removal solutions are now comparable to laser hair removal techniques found in institutes. The devices produce powerful flashes of light whose heat is absorbed by the hair, inducing a permanent stop of regrowth. The market offers different configurations of hair removal devices and comes with many advantages over laser or wax.

Pulsed light hair removal: how it works and the devices

The effectiveness of pulsed light hair removal is mainly determined by the choice of equipment available. Indeed, the range of epilators is relatively wide and choosing one of them as a neophyte is not always easy. It should be noted, however, that the principle remains unchanged, and consists in diffusing a light heating to 70° C on the skin thanks to the Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL) technology which pierces the hair to the bulb to destroy it. The hair then falls naturally and grows back with a frequency extended to 40 days. The roots are completely removed after several sessions. Epilators have features specific to each model and there are models ranging from affordable to high-end. The choice remains generally subjective, but the potentially essential options are nevertheless maintained by comparison with the selling price. For example, the wireless option for greater manoeuvrability while removing the inconvenience caused by the yarn. The number and intensity of flashes that affect the epidermis and especially, if the epilator can be used for body and facial care. Otherwise, if the individual wishes to use a nose mower, it is recommended to separate the functions of mower and the epilator in the case of a device equipped with IPL technology.

The advantages of IPL hair removal

All hair removal treatments remain unpleasant, aggressive and painful, but they are significantly reduced (slight tingling) compared to laser or wax hair removal. The devices on the market come with superior ergonomics and facilitate the learning curve for home hair removal practitioners. The effectiveness of the method allows the removal of more than 80% of the total hair and reduces the density and thickness of the hair after each session. The frequency of hair removal is not related to the thickness in addition to the length of the hair and any person can start the treatment on shorter hair. Depending on the model of device used, the size of the window varies from 4 cm2 to 7 cm2 and allows the possibility of treating large areas of size at home. Hair removal for men is an interesting option for IPL and allows the removal of hair on the back or in areas that cause discomfort and discomfort.

Remarks and precautions to be taken

Although this method of hair removal presents minimal risks of side effects, the treatment is not entirely suitable for all types of hair. The results are satisfactory on darker brown hairs with a strong contrast to the skin. The devices are equipped with sensors to adapt to the skin and deliver a luminous intensity adapted to each skin type. Therefore, no relevant results will be present for an application on blond, red, white or down hair, where the heat may change the pigmentation and cause black hair to appear instead. The pulsed light hair removal technique is therefore more effective when the contrast between the epidermal layer and the hair is very distinct, which amplifies its effectiveness on light skins with dark hair and vice versa for a lower contrast.

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